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seeking adventure in Pissouri - 0 replies

Mark63 Posted by Mark63 in Introduce yourselves in Pissouri on Wed May 27, 2020 3:03pm

hi everyone....we're thinking about spending some time in Pissouri, seeking some adventure...we are going to have to work a little, but won't have to earn a fortune...looking on various web sights we've found plenty of affordable villas to rent and even one or two interesting, small business opportunities too.

Pitfalls, pros and cons please

I have noticed there is various bits and pieces to get sorted if we decide to stay for sometime  and tax to sort for example if we work for in the uk can this be dealt with on our behalf by professionals, accountants for business etc, solicitors for the the legal requirements....again any help here would be great

Thanks very much


Public Health Care in Pissouri - 0 replies

Posted by Dary in Healthcare and medical advice in Pissouri on Mon May 18, 2020 1:24pm

Hi there, 

I am pretty new to Pissouri, and I have some urgent questions. 

Which general physician in Pissouri takes the European Health Insurance Card? I have registered with the local Health Authorities and I have received my medical card due to the fact that I have E121 as a pensioner from Austria. 

Now I would like to find out which doctor to go and where I could take blood tests. 

Up to now I paid for private doctors and my cardiologist suggested blood test, but since I got my medical coverage now, I do not want to/I cannot spend so much money on private doctors anymore. 

Thank you for your answers.

Mobile pet grooming in Ypsonas - 0 replies

Andri Posted by Andri in Animals and pets in Kolossi on Sat Mar 28, 2020 2:05pm


Is anyone offer mobile pet grooming in Ypsonas?
I have a Yorkshire terrier that needs wash and fur cut.

His name is Patrick, he's 1 year old and he's very friendly 

Off Leash Dog Walking Areas within a 10-mins drive of Kolossi - 0 replies

chantalwiessner Posted by chantalwiessner in Animals and pets in Kolossi on Fri Feb 28, 2020 8:11am

Hi, I am new to this forum. My partner and I are house and pet sitting for a gorgeous family of 5 dogs and 5 cats.  The owners taught us the Kourion beach run, where we let the dogs out of the car, they run around and meet us at a Rendevous point. However, on the first day we took them there without their owners, we were pulled over by the Police, who informed us we would be fined it we did this again.  We risked it a second day, as we are trying to do what the owners asked and expect of us, but a lady got very angry with us about the dogs being off leash and unattended (we are in the car driving 10km/hour). I totally understood her point of view because I and a very anxious/fear aggressive dog I had in the past, have been attacked several times by other peoples so called friendly off leash dogs (in Australia).  The problem is, we have to walk/run 5 dogs every day, I have read about big fines ranging from EU85/dog to up EU17,000 (turtle protected beaches) but we‘ve come from Austria to look after these babies, and do not know where else we can take them so they can run off leash.  ANY HELP AND ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.  We want to do the right thing by the owners, the doggos, the environment, members of the public and their dogs. Thank you  

Need a - 0 replies

Joe0919 Posted by Joe0919 in Recommended Tradesmen and Companies in Ypsonas on Wed Feb 12, 2020 2:56pm

Need a van to take some things from a warehouse in ypsonas to n apt in ypsonas

Mobile waxing - 0 replies

Geo3222 Posted by Geo3222 in Health, beauty, fitness and sport in Yermasoyia on Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:20am

Looking for mobile eyebrow and waxing Limassol 

Hi. Nearest Vet to Pyrgos please. Thanks. - 0 replies

M2020 Posted by M2020 in Animals and pets in Pyrgos on Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:47pm

Looking for a local Vet to reister our dog with. 

Where can I get a bus from in Pissouri to the airport - 0 replies

Posted by Clint in Buses, trains and public transport in Pissouri on Sat Dec 28, 2019 12:16pm

Where can I get a bus from in Pissouri to Paphos airp

Ironing services - 0 replies

Posted by Scottyg in General Pissouri discussion on Tue Dec 10, 2019 2:38pm

Require ironing services located in Pissouri from this Saturday


Yoga - 0 replies

Aggie Posted by Aggie in Health, beauty, fitness and sport in Pissouri on Fri Dec 6, 2019 10:30pm

Hi, I will spend the whole December in Pissouri and I'm looking for yoga classes. 

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